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Digital tools to improve design work

For our DDS community, we have gathered a list of free tools for UX designers, digital designers, developers and product owners.

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Brand consistency and the impact of Vattenfall Hall

Research shows that consistency within typeface and font usage make an impact when creating an engaging digital brand experience.

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What's new

In this article you can see a list of the latest DDS updates - assets, guidelines and code!

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What are design principles and why are they important?

Our Vattenfall digital design principles are the foundation and guiding lights for everything we create. In this article we explain in detail why they are important.

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Behind the scenes: Meet Linnéa and Emma

Emma Crépin and Linnea Lofjord share behind the scenes of creating a new site concept that offers a whole new customer journey for Vattenfall.

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2021 Q3 Tech Audit results

The 2021 Q3 Design software, code framework and CMS audit results are in! Read our full report and findings.

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