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Brand consistency and the impact of Vattenfall Hall

Research shows that consistency within typeface and font usage make an impact when creating an engaging digital brand experience.

In all Vattenfall digital channels we use Vattenfall Hall - a bespoke typeface that mirrors and embodies the qualities of a true market leader – as expected by our target group: confident, competent and determined. To build one strong Vattenfall brand in the markets we operate in and create impact, we must be coherent and consistent in all our touchpoints - even online.

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How can Vattenfall Hall help us uphold the Blue Position in our digital designs?

Here are three things to consider:


In order to sustain our position as a capable and competent brand we should commit to consistency, also when it comes down to text and headlines online. Following our best practices for headlines can help us lead with conviction and impact conversion in a positive way. Our rules to follow are:

Always use Hall Display Bold for 30px and above

Always use Hall Bold for under 30px

Bookmark this page for headline examples and recommendations

To take a look at Vattenfall Hall visit the typography page in Brand Toolbox or download the web version of Vattenfall Hall here:

Typography page

Vattenfall Hall developer web font


Our blue position matters for our digital touchpoints. In order to stay focused and straight to the point with fonts we should consider legibility when using Vattenfall Hall in the digital designs and code. To make it easier for you the Vattenfall Hall Text and Vattenfall Display fonts have already been kerned, so you don’t have to adjust the kerning in the code.


To further optimize for readability we recommend you to utilize anti-aliasing to avoid font irregularities and make text elements easier to read. For coders that means activating sub pixel rendering for fonts.

body {
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;

You can also activate “cleartype” and start using “OptimizeLegibility”, just beware it might impact website performance and speed in different browsers. body {
text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;

For more support on using typefaces and fonts in digital channels contact us via our contacts form

What are design principles and why are they important?

Our Vattenfall digital design principles are the foundation and guiding lights for everything we create.

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On a mission to keep our brand consistent

The DDS exists to help us create user-focused digital experiences that are recognisably Vattenfall. The goal is to ensure we present a cohesive and consistent experience of Vattenfall to the world through all digital channels.

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