DDS # 1.4.0

On a mission to keep our brand consistent

**The Digital Design System (DDS)** exists to help us create user-focused digital experiences that are recognisably Vattenfall. The goal is to ensure we present a cohesive and consistent experience of Vattenfall to the world through all digital channels.

Immediate brand recognition

The most obvious benefit of brand consistency is immediate brand recognition; building a strong association between Vattenfall’s core messages and the visual elements of the brand. And, ultimately getting the most impact and best results from our work – no matter if you’re in sales, brand or another business area. Today, most of the Fortune 500 companies’ stock value is largely constituted by brand equity wherein consistency is one of the key factors for a strong brand. For high-involvement-utilitarian global brands like Vattenfall, brand consistency is an integral aspect of building relationships with current and future customers.

Increased effectiveness and returns

Done right, brand consistency on a global level increases perceived quality, which in turn increases sales likelihood. In fact, brand consistency muffles price sensitivity and increases marketing effectiveness – brand consistency throughout the customer journey is proved to have the potential to lift revenue by 15% and save costs for serving customers with 20% (McKinsey, 2014). In Vattenfall’s business, it basically comes down to this: Economies of scale. Using the assets that are produced centrally will mean increased brand consistency globally and therefore sales, while also requiring less cost of producing those same assets locally.

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