Design Principles

Eye placed on wavy water background.


We are focused on the message we bring across and goals we strive for. We create straightforward clear user interfaces.

Best practices

– Create one focal point per screen
– It must be clear what the primary, secondary and tertiary messages are
– Give focus when attention is needed from the user
Outline of person with arrows pointing outwards on a picture of forest


We are trustworthy and competent. We create open proof driven user interfaces.

Best practices

– The content shown will be personalised based on the users’ context
– Show relevant content or data as soon as possible without the user having too many interactions
- Make it clear what the users’ influence is on a green and cleaner environment, whenever possible
Outline of person with outline of heart inside body on background of rocks.


We are relevant and personal. We create a personalised experience, with high attention for user interaction and data.

Best practices

– Always substantiate statements with a burden of proof
– Use the minimal number of elements to convey the message
– Each interaction element on the page contributes to the users’ goal
Two talk bubbles with logs as background


How we do this? We don't inform our customer, we enable an ongoing conversation to activate them. This keeps our focus on the customer needs.

Best practices

– Always be available for questions of the user
– Communicate in a way you would in real life. Ask questions and provide information in a human way
– Give the user continuous feedback by using micro interactions